Garden and Irrigation System Maintenance

Once the garden is designed and the construction is completed, its life time, as well as its ornamental value, will fully depend on the level of maintenance.

Each garden is actually a living organism and requires constant care, especially nowadays that the environment (soil and climate) is being challenged from every direction. On the one hand we have sharp temperature changes, and on the other hand there is dust, moisture and very high temperatures. All these factors are ideal conditions for the emergence of fungal and other diseases.

The strain of the grass and the soil, the depletion of nutrients from the root zone, poor water quality and the salt deposition are problems that require permanent and professional solutions.

Babylon Gardens undertakes the maintenance of gardens and other green areas, always working to the highest service standards, while using the code of good agricultural practice and ethics without exceptions.

Babylon Gardens works responsibly, passion and consistency, while developing any form of project.

Each garden's maintenance services include - among others - the following:

  • Mowing grass at regular intervals
  • Weeding unwanted vegetation using mechanical and chemical means
  • Pruning shrubs and trees in accordance with the seasons and their special needs
  • Fertilizing plants
  • ΨUsing sprays for prevention and suppression of fungal and insect pests, according to the law and the general principles of plant protection
  • Replanting plants or grass where necessary
  • Collection and removal of all the waste materials resulting from gardening
  • Maintenance of indoor plants
  • Irrigation network maintenance
  • We are also available for special works such as pruning palm trees and cleaning their trunks, and we specialize in dealing with the rynchoforos beetle and other dangerous enemies that can harm your palm trees.